7 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency

 What is Cryptocurrency?

The most successful investor in the world has said;

“The more you learn, the more you earn”-Warren Buffet

  • The more you learn about crypto currencies and investing, the more you will earn.
  • The lower the risk you have.

In this I will tell you what you should do and what you should not do.

So finally what is Cryptocurrency:

  • Currency that is completely virtual
  • Cryptography/security. It’s programmed and it follows the programing.
  • No sovereign control. Any country, etc.
  • Compare central banks who have all the power now.

7 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency | Blockchain

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved.

Why blockchain is important?

Business runs on information. The faster it’s received and the more accurate it is, the better. Blockchain is ideal for delivering that information because it provides immediate, shared and completely transparent information stored on an immutable ledger that can be accessed only by permissioned network members. A blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, production and much more. And because members share a single view of the truth, you can see all details of a transaction end-to-end, giving you greater confidence, as well as new efficiencies and opportunities.

7 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Crypto Currency | Crypto Currency | Blockchain


Find the best Cryptocurrency for Profits.

There are two options of finding the best:

1:Listen to a “GURU” and follow his advice. When he says sell, you sell. When he says buy, you buy.

2: Educate yourself to define which is the best investment. Study the potential cryptocurrency carefully and “ Invest in best one

What is Bitcoin?

7 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency | Blockchain

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! Bitcoin can be used to book hotels on Expedia, shop for furniture on Overstock and buy Xbox games. But much of the hype is about getting rich by trading it. The price of bitcoin skyrocketed into the thousands in 2017.

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be used to buy merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are easy and cheap because bitcoins are not tied to any country or subject to regulation. Small businesses may like them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they’ll go up in value.

Alt coins = Alternate coins

~1500 alt coins at the moment. Etherum, Ripple, Dash, Monero,Cardano etc. They try to do different or better than bitcoin.

“Most of them alt coins are rubbish but sum of them can change our world”

7 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency | Blockchain

12 legimitate website to make money.

These website is world wide doesn’t matter where are you living. You able to buy from these website. These seven website are as follows:


1: Honeygain

Honeygain is an app that you can install on your computer (Windows and MacOS) or Android phone and it uses your internet data to run various queries for their clients. ... The value of the network is that it's installed across several different devices and IPs, so their clients can get data from a variety of sources.

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2: Coinbase

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. It make buying and selling digital currency easy. Sending or receiving digital currency between online wallets, friends, or merchants on Coinbase is free. It handle security and backups so you don't have to worry. It is a "one stop shop" - it offer a wallet, an exchange, and merchant tools within one simple interface. Coinbase is a platform on which many applications are being built using our API.


3: Cryptotab

With the CryptoTab browser, you may make money alone, but the most sensible and profitable thing is to create your own network of miners. You will receive 15% of the amount of currency that invited users mine. Those who are invited by them, will bring you 10% - and so on up to the 10th level of the network. There are basically two ways of earning Bitcoins with CryptoTab, One is using the mining browser while the second is using the power of affiliate marketing combined with CryptoTab reward system.

How long it takes to mine 1 bitcoin?

Regardless of the number of miners, it still takes 10 minutes to mine one Bitcoin. At 600 seconds (10 minutes), all else being equal it will take 72,000 GW (or 72 Terawatts) of power to mine a Bitcoin using the average power usage provided by ASIC miners.

4: Idle-Empire

Once you registered your account, you can start earning points. Simply answer paid surveys, play games, watch videos, or test software. It offer a variety of established earning methods, so you'll easily find something that suits you. After collecting enough points, it's time to redeem your Bank Account Money! They make sure to deliver your reward within 24 hours.


5: TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn real cash for performing various tasks and activities that you already do everyday. ... TimeBucks is unique from other reward sites because we pay in real cash, not gift cards. We also pay weekly via PayPal with a low minimum payout of $10.

6: FeaturePoints

Use Feature Points to earn points by testing out new software. You can redeem for real-world rewards. When you play with an app for two minutes, you receive a preset amount of reward points. Once you have enough enough reward points, you can collect rewards like PayPal deposits, Amazon


gift cards, iTunes cards, and iPad Minis. Be aware that it may take a lot of time and energy to make any meaningful amount of money with Feature Points

7: Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of April 2021, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao , a developer who had previously created high frequency trading software. Binance was initially based in China, but later moved out of China due to China's increasing regulation of cryptocurrency.

8: Kucoin

Overall, KuCoinis one of the lowest-fee exchanges in terms of trading fees. It is safe to say that KuCoin's biggest competitor is Binance, as both exchanges have similar competitive strategies. They charge almost equally low fees, though KuCoinShares (KCS) offer some additional advantages. KuCoin is one of the more popular crypto exchanges. Many use it to trade a wide variety of altcoins that are often not found on other exchanges. Because crypto to crypto trades are taxable in many jurisdictions, including the United States, you will likely need to report trades made on KuCoin.

9: Celsius network

Celsius Network works with Fireblocks and PrimeTrust to secures your assets that are stored in the cold wallets of the company. Fireblocks and PrimeTrust provide insurance for the assets stored on the Celsius wallet, covering any loss. So, that's quite safe. Celsius Network is a great platform for beginners who want to start buying crypto without taking on the full risk that comes with this more volatile market. It's also great for passive investors looking for a safer tool for buying and holding crypto.

10: Bockfi

BlockFi is a crypto management platform that lets you leverage your cryptocurrency and put it to fair use. At BlockFi, you can earn up to 8.6% interest per year on your cryptocurrency holdings, borrow cash, buy and sell crypto, and access other bank-like services. It's like an all-in-one crypto bank.With a BlockFi InterestAccount (BIA), your cryptocurrency can earn up to 8.6% APY. Interestaccrues daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

11: Pi network

Pi is a new social cryptocurrency secured and backed by everyday people. Developed by a team of Stanford PhDs and graduates, Pican be easily mined on mobile phones with low financial cost, limited battery drain, and a light footprint on the planet. Pi network is secure? It is an absolutely legit app. There is only one way by which you can increase the mining rate of Pi cryptocurrency. For


this you have to invite more and more peoples to your network. You earn 25% of base mining rate from every active people who have joined your network and are mining.

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12: Coin switch cuber

CoinSwitch, a global aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, was created in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari. It unveiled Kuber, an India-focused crypto investment platform with 4.5 million users, in June 2020. According to CEO Singhal, the company's annual revenue is about $50 million. It is reasonably safe because you do not store your funds on CoinSwitch. On the website, you can only buy and convert coins in real-time. It does not keep your money for trading purposes and the risk of fraud is minimised because it does not keep your funds. However, since the exchange is unregulated, it is not completely safe for investors.

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