10 Tips To Stay Safe From Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading agressively throughout the Earth and we should definitely take the provision to stop it. As per the steps taken by Indian Government, we are good so far. But we all should come together to stop this by following the simple Advice given by Indian Government.

Symptoms of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Sore throat
  4. Common Cold
  5. Difficulty in breathing (severe cases)

Understand the Stroke

According to Our World in Data, it’s growing rapidly and can be seen in this below graph.

If we see the Data from India then we can imagine the Stroke, How Quickly this Coronavirus disease is spreading.

Tips To Stay Safe From Coronavirus Disease

In India Confirmed cases are 39,980 as of now Thatswhy the lockdown has been extended till 17th May.This is a very big problem if you see the data of other countries. It’s our responsibility to help our Nation (India) and World with little precautions.

Tips to Stay Safe from Coronavirus disease

1. Wash your hand frequently. At least for 20+ sec if you are using any soaps or alcohol based Hand Sanitizers

2. Wear a Mask

3. Sanitize your bags, mobile phones, laptops etc.

4. Avoid Touching eyes, mouth and Nose

5. You should Stay at Home if you are Sick.

6. Maintain distance from people at least 1 meter.

7. Stay Hygienic and Healthy

8. Please Avoid Going to any Public Places like Movies, Gym, Office, Malls, Parks, Market etc.

9. If you Feel unwell,  If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing  Consult to the Doctor immediately 

10. Think Positive and Nothing to worry about the Virus if you following all these Advice

We all should follow the WHO guidelines. Stay home and Stay Safe.

These are the simple Tips To Stay Safe From Coronavirus Disease.